2 Cops Shot; ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Killed (Video)

Police line

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Two Polk County, Florida, deputies are in the ICU after being shot by a man whom Sheriff Grady Judd said was a “sovereign citizen.” That man was shot and killed when backup deputies returned fire.

Specifically, shortly after midnight, a deputy assigned to Hunt Fountain Park due to its designation as a burglary hotspot noticed a vehicle there despite the park’s 10 p.m. closing time.

The deputy approached the car and spoke with the man inside, asking him why he was in the park, yet the sheriff said he did not want to cooperate.

“At this point, he’s resisting a law enforcement officer in the performance of their duty. He’s also violating a county ordinance,” Judd said.

He continued, “She retreats to her vehicle and she asks for additional backup because he is resisting her. At that time, among other deputies, Lt. Chad Anderson arrives, and Deputy Sheriff Craig Smith.”

Judd said there were a total of four deputies and two trainees working the scene when the shooting occurred.

“Little did they realize at that moment in time that this was a sovereign citizen. He was Moorish, and Moorish sovereign citizens are known to believe that federal law, state law, local law does not apply to them. They are known to resist law enforcement and there is a history where they shoot police officers,” Judd stated.

Moreover, Lieutenant Anderson was shot in the arm, and the bullet went into his chest while Deputy Smith suffered four gunshot wounds.

“Lt. Anderson got some rounds off. The backup deputies shot a lot, and we don’t know how much yet, we’re in the initial stages of crime scene investigations and we can report that to you later, but we killed the suspect,” Judd recounted.

At the news conference, Judd informed that Lieutenant Anderson underwent emergency surgery and was in critical but stable condition at the last check, describing Deputy Smith as in stable condition.

Yet, the suspect’s identity is pending notification of next of kin. It is believed he was living out of the vehicle and had prior interactions with law enforcement.

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