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Welcome to Real News Now (from Freedom Media), a publication that aims to provide timely and honest news to the American public. Our team is dedicated to keeping track of current events and delivering them to you in a straightforward manner. We believe that staying informed is a priority for our readers and that you expect your news to be honest and unbiased. Our goal is to report on relevant stories that affect the United States, both nationally and globally, and to keep our finger on the pulse of the shifts and changes affecting the country.

Real writers, real news, real impact. That’s our motto. We have writers in the US and stationed around the world to bring you the news that matters to you.

One of our main missions at Freedom Media is to inform our readers about threats to our constitutional liberties and freedoms. We believe in the principles of constitutional liberty, freedom of speech, a free press, and all the rights granted to us under the United States Constitution. We also believe in providing a platform for perspectives that are often suppressed in the mainstream media. In our reports, we strive to remain neutral and present a well-rounded view of developing and ongoing news stories.

We understand the importance of accurate and truthful news in today’s climate, and we believe that the mainstream media often suppresses the truth. That’s why we deliver regular news reports via email to our subscribers, with both Critical Alerts and Political Points covering a range of topics including breaking and developing events, national and global news, the economy, finance, and American politics. Our Critical Alerts are brief reports designed for quick reading, while our Political Points provide deeper analysis and context for important and impactful stories.


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