Beloved Chef Murdered


( – In a testament to the high crime rates plaguing America, a beloved chef from Washington State was murdered in a grisly way.

The victim was found in critical condition and suffering from multiple stab wounds at a train station while the attacker fled the scene.

In response to the situation, Seattle police said the 37-year-old victim was attacked at the Capitol Hill.

Emergency responders treated the victim and rushed him to a local hospital, but he died shortly after his arrival. A witness told KING 5 that several people targeted the victim.

“They kept attacking him,” the witness said. “He was defending himself and he got pushed into the rails and they kept him from getting up by punching him. At least two of them were punching him, keeping him on the rails.”

Moreover, the U.S. Marshals task force arrested a suspect in Eatonville and police reported that he is now behind bars “for investigation of murder.”

Authorities have not released the victim’s identity yet. However, KIRO 7 reported that the victim is “Chef Corey,” a sous chef at Harry’s Fine Foods.

A friend of the late victim described him as an amazing individual, saying, “He showed incredible tenacity. And his skills as a chef were absolutely incredible. I think about his food all the time.”

The restaurant’s owners, Julian Hagood and Jake Santelli, also shared a statement with local news, “We have closed our doors to allow ample time to process, grieve, and remember our dear friend and chef.”

“…a valued teammate and devoted individual who infused his passion into each and every dish he crafted,” they continued.

In turn, they offered condolences to his family for the “unimaginable experience” and requested privacy for their staff.

According to reports, Sound Transit, the city’s public transit service, has increased security at the Capitol Hill station as part of its $250 million commitment to security measures.

Speaking to KING 5, the witness criticized the city and expressed the incident should never have happened.

“The city has failed him. They might as well have murdered him themselves,” he said.

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