Christian Homes Set Ablaze (Video)


( – In an extreme case of religious violence, numerous Christian residences and businesses were set on fire by Islamist extremists and terrorists when they attacked the village of Al-Fawakher.

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The violent attack broke out during the night where approximately 3,000 Christian families maintain residences and businesses. The community had just secured permission to erect a new church, a decision that provoked some local Muslim hardliners.

One local source, who asked to remain anonymous, told The New Arab, “The attacks are believed to have been triggered by an attempt to build a new church in Al-Fawakher village in Minya [province].”

“When religious fanatics failed to expel Christians from their homes as a form of punishment, the extremists [reportedly] burned down their houses while they were still inside,” the source continued.

Moreover, a video circulating on social media appears to show crowds of people dancing and celebrating in front of the burning buildings.

Copts United, a religious advocacy group, reported, “The extremists attacked Coptic homes with stones and chants, and a number of homes were set on fire, amid the screams of women and children. The attack continued for a long time before the security forces arrived.”

In addition, Coptic Bishop Anba Macarius declared in a statement, “Security forces arrived and brought the situation under control, arresting the instigators and perpetrators.”

Christians in Egypt have historically faced persecution. They are restricted from converting from Islam to Christianity and barred from certain public roles, and attacks on their churches and communities are somewhat regular occurrences.

Moreover, another incident similar to the one in Al-Fawakher occurred last Friday in the village of Al-Kom Al-Ahmar, following approval for an Evangelical group to start church construction.

The Christian population in Egypt is a subject of contention, with estimates varying widely, suggesting anywhere from 5% to 15% of the nation’s 111 million people.

The proportion of Christians is believed to be diminishing, possibly due to conversions, emigration, or lower birth rates compared to the Muslim majority.

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