Waitress Fired Why?


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – As ridiculous as it may sound, a waitress in Michigan got fired after she got a $10,000 tip from a customer.

The media said Linsey Boyd lost her job at the Mason Jar Café in Benton Harbor. This happened a week after a customer left the big tip on a $32.43 bill. The customer came in after a funeral on Feb. 5, wore a dark suit, and paid with an American Express card.

The tip was meant to be shared with all the wait staff in memory of Tim Sweeney, the restaurant’s manager who had passed away. The staff took a photo with the receipt but blurred the customer’s name, doing what the customer asked.

Boyd, the waitress who got fired, said in a deleted Facebook post that drama happened after the tip was shared. She tried to clear up rumors which made things worse. The managers told her to take a couple of days off for her mental health, then said she was fired over the phone.

“One week I’m such an amazing, hardworking employee, awesome mother … couldn’t have happened to a better person. Now, I’m without a job, for the first time since I was 15-years-old,” Boyd wrote before she removed her post.

The owners of the Mason Jar Café said on Facebook that firing Boyd was a tough choice. “We do truly care about our staff,” they wrote. “We’ve had the same crew for 5-6 years. We have college girls that come home every summer and have been for four years now, we take our staff up north at the end of every summer season, we give donations for college funds for them, we kept them employed through Covid, we do everything in our power not to lose staff.”