VIDEO: Travis Kelce’s Admission


( – Despite the dramatic yet spectacular Super Bowl win he helped bring to the Kansas City Chiefs, the team’s star tight end, Travis Kelce, has decided to own up to his actions in likely the most striking moment in the game – when he shoved his coach, Andy Reid.

See the video of Kelce shoving Reid below!

In the grand spectacle that was Super Bowl LVIII, a single moment eclipsed all others for its sheer unexpectedness and the flurry of reactions it incited, Breitbart News comments in a report.

This moment was Travis Kelce’s sudden outburst on the sidelines, which saw in a physical confrontation with his head coach, Andy Reid.

The incident, in which the tight end aggressively bumped into Reid, has since become a significant point of discussion.

Yet, Kelce has stepped forward to address the incident head-on.

During a recent episode of the “New Heights” podcast, which he co-hosts with his brother, Jason, Travis Kelce offered a candid reflection on his actions.

The NFL star labeled how he acted against Reid as “definitely unacceptable.”

“I can’t get that fired up to the point where bumping Coach, and it’s getting him off balance and stuff,” Kelce said.

He made it clear he realized the impact of his actions when he saw Reid stumble, which prompted an internal reaction of regret.

“When he stumbled, I was like: ‘Aw, s—’ in my head,” admitted Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.

The roots of Kelce’s frustration could be traced back to a tactical decision made by Reid during a crucial phase of the game.

Reid chose to remove Kelce from the play in the red zone, which ultimately led to a turnover for Kansas City.

This decision did not sit well with Kelce. As he reflected on the potential consequences of his actions, the player said he would have deserved a punch from the head coach.

“I deserve it. If he would have cold-cocked me in the face right there, I would have just ate it,” Kelce said.

Despite the intense exchange, Reid later interpreted Kelce’s outburst as a manifestation of his deep passion for the game.

The incident did not affect the Chiefs’ overall performance, and Kelce played a crucial role in leading the team in receptions.