VIDEO: McConnell Freezes Again; Becomes Catatonic; Needs Help


( – BREAKING VIDEO NOW: In a shocking replay of what happened just a few weeks ago, United States Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — the most powerful Republican in the Senate — froze in a semi-catatonic state while attempting to answer a reporter’s question at an event in his home state of Kentucky.

You can watch a series of videos of what happened just a bit further down this post.

After being attended to briefly by an aide and plainclothes security officer, McConnell haltingly answered two more questions — after the aide needed to repeat the questions — before the aide halted the session with reporters, and McConnell walked off in a shuffling manner.

McConnell, who, because of his position, is one of just a handful of Senators who is briefed and consults with presidential administrations on national security events at the highest level of classification and secrecy, has seemingly struggled now for months since a fall at his Kentuck home led to an extended hospitalization.

Reportedly, he has fallen at least twice more in recent weeks.

Here are the videos from today’s event: