VIDEO: Trump ‘Can Save the Western World’ – Foreign Leader

Viktor Orbán

( – Hungary’s long-time leader Viktor Orban has declared former President Donald Trump the only person capable of saving the West and possibly all humankind from self-destruction in a nuclear World War III.

Orban, who has been on good terms with Russian leader Vladimir Putin despite the latter’s invasion of Ukraine, a neighbor of Hungary, spoke in an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

You can watch a portion of that interview in the video at the conclusion of this post.

“Trump is the man that can save the Western world and probably the human beings in the world as well. That is my personal opinion,” the Hungarian leader stated.

The 45th president of the United States shared a brief video of Orban’s interview with the caption, “Thank you!”

Hungary’s prime minister was asked by Carlson what he would have done if he were Joe Biden at the time the Russians attacked Ukraine.

“Call back Trump: That’s the only way out… “Call back Trump because you can criticize him for many reasons – I understand all the discussions – but, you know, the best foreign policy of the recent several decades belongs to him,” Orban argued.

He insisted the most obvious fact was that Putin invaded Ukraine after Trump had left the White House.

“If he would have been the president the moment of the Russian invasion started, it would be not possible to do that by the Russians,” asserted Orban, who has been Hungary’s leader for 17 years (1998-2002 and 2010-present).

He argued that former President Trump had the best foreign policy for the United States and the world.

“[Trump] did not initiate any new war. He treated nicely the North Koreans, and Russia, even the Chinese. He delivered the policy that was the best one for the Middle East, the Abraham Accords. So that was a very good foreign policy,” Orban said.

He added that denying the world was stable and peaceful under the Trump administration was a denial of facts.

“[Trump] ’s criticized that he’s not educated enough to understand the world: This is not the case; facts count. And his foreign policy was the best one for the world in the last several decades I have seen,” the Hungarian leader concluded.

Here is the video: