PROOF: Biden Is Delusional (Video)

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – In a fresh, hard-to-watch episode of Joe Biden’s “Stories That Never Happened,” the seemingly delusional 80-year-old president claimed he witnessed a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh – even though he didn’t.

You can watch a video clip of his claim at the bottom of this post.

Biden’s brand-new Pittsburg Bridge Collapse story seems like a worthy addition to his other well-known delusional fairy tales – such as the story he has told publicly about a dozen times about receiving praise from an Amtrak conductor who had passed away before that or the lie that he was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement – even as a younger Joe Biden had admitted decades ago that never was the case.

The Democrat president’s latest delusional invention was a declaration that he saw the collapse of the Forbes Avenue Bridge over Fern Hollow Creek in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, on January 28, 2022.

The 50-year-old Fern Hollow bridge collapsed at 6:39 a.m. – and even though Biden arrived in Pittsburgh the same day, he came there in the afternoon, several hours later, The Washington Times points out in a report.

The president’s “inexplicable” claim that he saw the Fern Hollow bridge come down occurred during an address in Milwaukee, during which he touted his economic agenda and dwelled on the need to invest in America’s infrastructure.

“By the way, Pittsburgh is the city of bridges. More bridges in Pittsburgh than in any other city in America. I watched that bridge collapse. I got there and saw it collapse with over 200 feet off the ground going over a valley. It collapsed,” Biden alleged falsely.

“Thank God school was out,” he added.

The Fern Hollow bridge collapsed after a heavy snowfall. The collapse injured ten people, including four who had to be hospitalized.

After he came to Pittsburgh on the afternoon of January 28, 2022, Biden visited one end of the collapsed bridge and spoke with rescue workers.

However, even then, it was reportedly hard for the president to see the bridge due to concrete barriers and yellow tape, so he had to “crane” his neck to view the disaster area, according to an AP report.

To make his Milwaukee speech even more embarrassing for his far-left administration and supporters, Biden didn’t miss the chance to tell his Amtrak conductor lie in which a deceased man, Angelo Negri, had congratulated him for riding more miles on a train as a senator than on Air Force Two as the vice president.

Here is the video: