BREAKING: Trump Announces His Plan for ‘Biden Crime Family’ (video)


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: Just moments ago, former President Donald Trump released a video statement about the “Biden Crime Family” and what he intends to do about the Bidens if he is elected President in November of next year.

You can watch the full video further down this post.

Trump starts by stating, “It is now one hundred percent proven that the Biden Crime Family received more than $20 million from foreign countries while Crooked Joe was Vice President.”

Trump then opines, “I believe we have a compromised president. He was bribed, and now he’s being blackmailed. He’s a Manchurian Candidate. That’s why Crooked Joe is letting other countries walk all over the United States.”

Trump’s solution? Arguing that, “This is corruption like our country has never seen before,” Trump continues, “As soon as I am reelected, I will appoint a real Special Counsel, or maybe you’ll call it a Special Prosecutor — Whatever you want to call it, you can — to look at all of these bribes, kickbacks, and other crimes as well as the shameless attempt at a coverup. Justice will be done. The Biden Crime Family will be looked at.”

Here is the full video: