NEW: Pence Shoots Down Trump


( – Mike Pence, currently vying for the Republican presidential nomination, broke his silence on former President Donald Trump’s recent indictment.

He voiced his opinion at the Legislative Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures being held in Indianapolis.

Pence criticized Trump for not conceding the 2020 election during his final administration days.

Pence stated, “I’ve said many times I had hoped that judgment about those days would be left to the American people and to history. Such is not the case.”

He emphasized the importance of sticking to foundational principles and being truthful, stating, “No one is above the law.”

He made clear that while Trump “and all those implicated are entitled to the presumption of innocence that every American enjoy,” there was no election fraud in the critical state, and he did not possess the power to reverse the outcome.

Refuting long-standing claims by Trump and his supporters, Pence said, “Despite what the former president and his allies have said for now more than two and a half years, and continue to insist to this very hour, the Georgia election was not stolen and I had no right to overturn the election on January 6. It’s a hard truth.”

He also applauded Republican Gov. Brian Kemp for his consistent stance against Trump’s unfounded allegations of election fraud in Georgia. Kemp had previously tweeted, “The 2020 election in Georgia was not stolen.”

Pence mentioned Kemp’s assertion that over the past three years, no one has presented solid evidence of fraud in Georgia’s elections.

No response was available from the Trump campaign.