Hunter Biden Believes What?!


( – Hunter Biden’s legal team believes an immunity deal that fell apart earlier this year is still valid and prohibits prosecutors from pursuing the firearm-related charges against him. The team has filed a motion with a federal court to dismiss the gun charges brought against its client.

In a brief court filing, Hunter Biden’s defense attorneys asserted that a July agreement “that both parties signed remains in force.” They stated, “He will seek to dismiss the indictment against him pursuant to the immunity provisions of that agreement.”

Under the prior agreement with prosecutors, Joe Biden’s son would acknowledge a gun offense, which would be expunged upon his completion of a diversion program and probation. This arrangement would also have spared him from prison time if he pleaded guilty to a separate tax charge.

However, the deal fell apart during a July court hearing in Wilmington, Delaware, following scrutiny from U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika. The judge questioned the unusual provision and whether it could shield Hunter Biden from other tax offenses or violations of foreign lobbying laws.

Hunter Biden’s legal team argued on Friday that the charges filed by special counsel David Weiss, which they say were permitted under the diversion agreement, were related to tax violations. While these tax charges were dismissed after the plea deal fell apart, Weiss’s team hinted that they could refile them in Washington or California.

Weiss’s team has argued that the earlier agreement is no longer valid due to the absence of a necessary signature from the probation department.

Hunter Biden also pleaded not guilty to federal gun charges, ensuring a likely criminal trial while his father runs for re-election.

The charges against Hunter Biden include two counts of making false statements in connection with the purchase of a firearm and a third count of possessing a gun while using illegal narcotics. Two charges stem from alleged false statements on a federal background check form when he purchased a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018. The third count accuses him of possessing a firearm while using narcotics, which federal law prohibits.

These three charges carry a maximum combined prison sentence of 25 years.

Prosecutors allege that Hunter Biden provided false information on Form 4473 by certifying that he was not an unlawful user of illegal narcotics when, in fact, he was aware that this statement was untrue.

The indictment’s third count asserts that Hunter Biden unlawfully possessed the firearm for 12 days after its purchase while using illegal drugs, a clear violation of federal law. In his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things,” Hunter Biden admitted to substance abuse in 2018 when he bought the weapon.