VIDEO: Hamas Doing THIS to Families of Hostages


( – The barbaric terrorists from the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, who invaded Israel on Saturday, have invented an utterly nauseating way to torture the families of those murdered or kidnapped by them: posting online graphic images of their victims.

Thousands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists stormed the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel on Saturday morning, surprisingly defeating the border defenses and slaughtering and abducting civilians.

Relatives of kidnapping and murder victims have now revealed how the Palestinian terrorists have utilized their victims’ cell phones and social media accounts to disseminate graphic images and tormenting messages.

Mor Bayder, who lost her grandmother in the brutal attack, narrated a heart-wrenching incident where a graphic image of her grandmother’s lifeless body was posted on her own Facebook account using the deceased’s phone.

“A terrorist came home to her, killed her, took her phone, filmed the horror and published it on her Facebook wall. This is how we found out,” Bayder recounted, as cited by Breitbart News.

“The purest thing in the world, the light of my life, my whole world, my grandmother, can’t make it real,” she added.

In another case, Tamar David received a disturbing call from a Hamas terrorist on Saturday, saying that her daughters, Hodia and Tair, aged 25 and 27, were kidnapped from a music festival and taken to Gaza as prisoners.

Tal Hezekiah, a family friend, took the phone from Tamar, noting the terrifying laughter from the terrorist.

“Then the terrorist laughed and said to me in broken Hebrew: ‘Do you want to marry her?’ And hung up,” he conveyed.

Another case saw the disappearance of 51-year-old Mark Peretz, who rushed to the Tribe of Nova festival to save his 20-year-old daughter Maya.

Maya managed to escape, but her father’s phone began “moving erratically across the countryside in ways that don’t make sense,” meaning terrorists seized him or the device.

In another harrowing narrative, a mother, who chose to remain unnamed, shared a horrifying moment when she was on the phone with her children as Hamas terrorists abducted them.

She could hear her youngest pleading with the terrorists, “I’m too young to go.”

“They took babies. They took two-year-olds. They took five-year-olds, mothers – just innocent citizens who did nothing wrong, that were just sleeping in their beds,” the crying mother said.