BREAKING: US Armed Forces Deployed


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: Reacting to Saturday’s horrifying invasion of Israel by Palestinian terrorists from Hamas, who slaughtered and kidnapped hundreds of civilians, the United States has dispatched an entire aircraft carrier battle group to the Israeli shores in a show of military as well as symbolic support for the Israelis.

There are also unconfirmed reports that US Special Forces are already on the ground in Israel because US citizens have been taken hostage.

Hundreds, possibly thousands of militants from Hamas, an Islamist terrorist group, invaded Israel from the Gaza Strip on Saturday morning, overwhelming Israeli border defenses and indiscriminately massacring civilians.

According to The Times of Israel, some 260 civilians, including many foreigners, were murdered by the invading terrorists at a music festival rave close to the border with Gaza, while some 700 Israelis are missing.

Altogether, some 1,000 people have been killed by the Islamist Palestinian terrorists, with reports saying at least several US citizens are among the dead and possibly among those kidnapped by Hamas.

After on Saturday, President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared America’s all-out support for Israel, on Sunday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced a US carrier strike group had approached the Israeli and Gaza shores.

The carrier battle group in question includes the USS Gerald Ford, the most advanced carrier of the US Navy, together with numerous missile cruisers and destroyers.

Austin stated the Gerald Ford carrier strike group’s movement was meant to “bolster regional deterrence efforts” after Hamas’s multi-pronged attack on Israel, a key US ally.

The Pentagon chief added that the fighter aircraft squadrons of the US Air Force in the Eastern Mediterranean were also being reinforced.

“Strengthening our joint force posture, in addition to the material support that we will rapidly provide to Israel, underscores the United States’s ironclad support for the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli people,” Austin stated, as cited by The Hill.

Earlier Sunday, the White House informed that the president spoke with the Israeli leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Biden told Netanyahu that the United States was sending “additional assistance” to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), with US military aid increasing over the coming days.

After the Islamist terrorist invasion from the Gaza Strip on Saturday, Netanyahu reacted by declaring that Israel was in a “state of war.”