He Survived This Brutal Crime

Police line

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In a disturbing incident in Florida, a man miraculously survived a brutal attack and robbery, culminating in being carjacked and thrown off a bridge.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office has identified two individuals, Natalie Fonseca and Nafis Reynolds, as the primary suspects in this chilling crime, per a statement released on the department’s Facebook page.

The events leading to this attack began when the unnamed victim met Fonseca through social media, eventually leading to a dinner date.

The situation took a grim turn when Fonseca introduced the man to Reynolds, whom she purportedly referred to as her “uncle.”

At some point during their interaction, the three individuals entered the victim’s car, where the alleged assault took place, as detailed in the sheriff’s office’s statement.

The narrative of the attack, as described by the police, is particularly disturbing. “They robbed him of his shoes, his phone, his money, and his car. They then took turns cutting his throat before throwing him over the bridge rail and into Escambia River. They drove away in his stolen car,” the police statement reveals.

Despite sustaining severe injuries, the victim astonishingly managed to survive—the law enforcement’s pursuit of the suspects culminated in their arrest.

Further adding to the gravity of the situation, the victim’s car was subsequently discovered ablaze, a fact reported by Click Orlando.

During the investigation, police found the accused couple in possession of illegal drugs, as stated in the arrest report referenced by WEAR. As a result of their alleged actions, Fonseca and Reynolds are now facing a slew of serious charges, including attempted murder, armed carjacking, armed robbery, kidnapping, and drug possession.