Country Superstars’ Plane Forced Down


( – Feeling the cold touch of death on their shoulders, two country music stars experienced a tense moment when their plane was forced to make an emergency landing due to equipment issues.

The incident occurred while they were returning from a duck hunting trip in St. Louis.

In a live-stream video on Instagram, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan recounted their ordeal from a Dairy Queen drive-thru.

Bryan, well known as an “American Idol” judge, described the challenging conditions they faced: “We duck hunted this morning,” he said. “We flew to St. Louis. We landed. We did the ATA Show with Buck Commander.” Aldean added, “And we were supposed to get back on the plane, fly back, it was gonna be a 30-minute flight. Easy, easy.”

Despite Bryan’s light-hearted demeanor, he admitted that the situation in the air was quite tense.

“Well, we took off and it was so cold,” Bryan said. “In St. Louis it’s like, 16 degrees, wind was blowing 40 miles an hour. Some of the instruments on the plane were not (working)…so we had to turn and land. And yeah, it was a little tense.”

Aldean shared his fear during the incident: “Our plane, we thought, was gonna fall out of the sky,” he said.

The emergency landing led them to rent a car for their journey home.

Bryan humorously detailed their current situation: “Now we’re on I-55, at a Dairy Queen, we’re getting some chicken fingers, I just peed beside the road, and Jason’s the driver,” to which Aldean responded, “Because I don’t trust you to drive.”

The two musicians ended the video noting they still had about an hour-and-a-half drive remaining and appeared visibly relieved to be off the plane.

Fortunately, their flight landed safely without any injuries. This incident comes in the backdrop of another recent aviation scare involving Alaska Airlines, where a plane’s wall came off soon after takeoff, prompting an emergency landing.