Americans Hate Biden – Proof


( – In staggering evidence that Americans are now sick and tired of Joe Biden and his messes, the president has just scored not just his public approval low but also the lowest approval rating for any president over the past 15 years.

The conclusion that Biden has reached the worst approval score for any president of the United States in the past decade and a half is based on a recent poll conducted by ABC News and Ipsos.

The poll results show that Biden’s approval rating is just 33%.

This is the lowest level recorded since the tenure of former President George W. Bush during 2006-2008, as reported by ABC News.

Additionally, Biden faces a 58% disapproval rating, Newsmax reports.

The news outlet notes that these figures could be interpreted as support for the House GOP investigation into Biden; the ABC News/Ipsos poll also highlighted comparisons related to electoral preferences.

Regarding the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, the poll indicates that 72% of Republicans favor former President Donald Trump as their nominee.

In contrast, only 57% of Democrats expressed satisfaction with him as their potential nominee.

Biden’s job approval ratings show significant differences based on race. His approval rating is 21 points below the average among black voters, 15 points below among Hispanic voters, and just 6 points below among white voters.

The data reveals a notable shift in the loyalty of black voters.

This shift is particularly pronounced among younger black voters: only 32% of blacks under 50 approve of Biden, in contrast to 65% approval among those over 50.

In assessing the mental fitness of the candidates for the presidency, 47% of respondents deemed Trump, aged 77, as more fit, while only 28% thought the same of Biden, aged 81.

Regarding physical fitness for the presidency, Trump garnered the support of 57% of respondents, compared to 28% who favored Biden.

The economy, always a critical issue in presidential elections, is a weak point for Biden.

Over half of the survey respondents – 56% – disapprove of his handling of the economy, with only 31% approving.

Furthermore, 71% of those polled view the current state of the economy negatively, while a mere 24% have a positive outlook.

This ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted between January 4th and 8th, surveying a random national sample of 2,228 adults.