BOMBSHELL: Illegal Alien Thanks Biden


( – Proving that Joe Biden is harming the United States with his policies that encourage an invasion by illegal aliens, he was just thanked by one asylum-seeking illegal alien, who also disclosed he feared the possibility of Donald Trump’s White House return.

More than 10 million illegal immigrants from all over the Third World have entered the United States in the three years since Biden occupied the presidency.

A recent arrival from Venezuela, now in the United States, openly and perversely expressed his gratitude towards Biden and conveyed his apprehensions regarding Donald Trump’s potential return to the presidency.

The Daily Caller conducted the interview with the migrant at the airport in Houston, Texas.

When asked about his message to the US president, the alien, who said he had applied for asylum, made it clear he saw his illegal entry as a job opportunity.

“Honestly, thank you [, President Biden,] for this opportunity… without your help we wouldn’t be here so that means a lot, that means a lot for me and that means a lot for all of us,” the migrant said.

“I have many friends who crossed the border and they’re grateful [now that they have] a good financial situation. They help their family from Venezuela as well, they try to bring them and I think that’s awesome,” added the illegal alien, who chose to remain anonymous and reported having lost his passport.

He revealed utilized paperwork from the Border Patrol for travel.

He also shared his concerns about potential deportation if Trump is victorious in the 2024 presidential election.

Trump, who recently won the Iowa caucus, declared in his victory speech a plan for the most extensive deportation effort “since Dwight Eisenhower.”

According to Fox News, fiscal year 2024 started with a record-breaking month in December, witnessing over 300,000 migrant encounters.

“I will stay here in Houston and I’ll go to my brother’s house and hopefully get a job and help my family. I asked for asylum and they gave me one year so I have to fight for my case,” the Venezuelan migrant mentioned.

He revealed his recent crossing into Eagle Pass, Texas, a location currently experiencing tensions between state and federal authorities over border control responsibilities.

In early January, the Texas Department of Public Safety took over municipal property in Eagle Pass.