BOMBSHELL: Criminal Investigation Underway


( – In a sudden turn of events following what happened a little less than a month ago in Baltimore when a cargo ship rammed into a support of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing the bridge to collapse, the FBI has launched a criminal investigation into the incident that killed six people.

The incident occurred on March 26 when the Dali lost power and collided with one of the bridge supports, resulting in its collapse.

Videos captured thе devastating moment when the bridge structurе fell into the river and resulted in the fatal death of six workers who were on the bridge at that time.

According to sources cited by the U.S. outlet, the investigation will likely focus on whether the Dali’s crew was aware of any serious issuеs with the ship’s systems before leaving the port.

Moreover, salvage crews have been working to clear the wreckage while the fragments of the bridge lying across the cargo ship still obstruct the shipping lane.

Recently, the head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board informed Congress that they had interviewed key personnel from the cargo ship as part of their inquiry.

Surprisingly, Joe Biden visited the site after the bridge collapse while witnessing the cleanup operations firsthand. He mеt with the police officers who helped divert traffic away from the bridge before the collision, spoke with the victims’ families and assurеd Maryland of federal support.

So far, the bodies of three workers have been recovered, while the remaining three are presumed dead.

Likewise, efforts to remove containers from the Dali continued, and by April 11, 38 pieces of debris had been removed. This process is deemed crucial as it aids in clearing the submerged roadway.

Divers engaged in the operations face numerous challenges, including navigating through twisted steel beams, potential human rеmains, and vast amounts of broken concrеte.

Emergency Management Specialist Rick Benoit described the salvage mission as an extraordinary task conducted in a harsh underwater environment.

He emphasized the importance of prioritizing safety to prevent any further harm to the divers involved.

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