Popular TV Star Attacks Christians


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In another upsetting attack on Christianity and who Christians might support in the presidential election this year, Alan Ritchson, the star of the popular “Reacher” series on Amazon, attacked Christians who support former President Donald Trump and labeled Trump a “rapist” and a “con man.”

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ritchson openly discussed his political views and questioned why Trump gets such backing from Christians.

He remarked, “Trump is a rapist and a con man, and yet the entire Christian church seems to be treat him like he’s their poster child, and it’s unreal. I don’t understand it.”

Furthermore, the shameful actor criticized the behavior of Christians, noting, “Christians today have become the most vitriolic tribe. It is so antithetical to what Jesus was calling us to be and to do.”

Likewise, he dared to backlash against the Catholic Church, where he denounced the ongoing atrocities and cover-ups.

Ritchson asserted, “It’s worth saying that the atrocities that are happening in the church that are being actively covered up, even to this day with people not being held accountable, is repulsive.”

He continued, “I can’t for one second support the Catholic Church while there are still cardinals, bishops and priests being passed around with known pedophilic tendencies.”

During the interview, Ritchson also revealed his struggles with severe depression and revealed that he once attempted to hang himself. He reflected on his bipolar disorder and acknowledged its impact on his life.

“Being bipolar has wreaked havoc on my life many, many times. I would wish it away if I could, but it’s so much a part of who I am now that I should celebrate it a little or, at, accept it,” Ritchson said.

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