Body Found; 2 Still Missing


( – A fourth construction worker’s body was found at the site of Baltimore’s tragic Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, while two are still missing.

WBAL reported that salvage teams located what they “believed to be one of the missing construction vehicles” that fell into the water during the collapse last month. The body was found inside the car.

Colonel Roland Butler, Jr., Superintendent of the Maryland Department of State Police, expressed condolences during a press briefing, saying, “As we mourn the lives lost and continue the recovery operation, we recognize each missing individual is someone’s beloved friend or family member.”

He continued, “[A]long with all of our allied law enforcement partners, we pledge to exhaust the physical and technical aspects of their training while deploying every available resource possible.”

According to senior law enforcement officials speaking to NBC News, the FBI initiated a criminal investigation into the March 26 incident in which a cargo ship collided with the bridge, causing it to collapse.

In the tragedy, six construction workers repairing potholes on the bridge were killed, with two still missing.

The investigation will look into the events preceding the ship’s departure from the port, and part of the inquiry will explore whether the crew was aware of any potential mechanical issues that could have made the vessel unsafe in the harbor.

Moreover, FBI agents have been gathering physical evidence and data from inside the ship relating to moments before, during, and after the impact.

This investigation coincides with Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott’s announcement that the city will be taking “legal steps” regarding the bridge collapse.

“The City of Baltimore will take decisive action to hold responsible all entities accountable for the Key Bridge tragedy, including the owner, charterer, manager/operator, and the manufacturer of the M/V Dali, as well as any other potentially liable third parties,” Scott stated.

The Singapore-flagged cargo ship collided with a support pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which caused it to snap and crumble into the Patapsco River. A live stream captured cars and trucks on the bridge just before the impact.

Furthermore, investigators noted that the vessel’s lights suddenly went off for four minutes before coming back on, and dark smoke was observed coming from the ship’s chimney just before the collision.

Additionally, attorneys representing two deceased workers and one survivor are conducting an independent investigation into the crash.

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