VIDEO: US Marines Attacked In Texas


( – In a somewhat funny incident, yet one that also shows the audacity of street gangsters nowadays, a group of US Marines was brazenly attacked by thugs during the service personnel’s evening out – only for the Marines to prevail swiftly before the police intervened.

The altercation, which was partly caught on video (see below), occurred in Austin, Texas, and reportedly began when a woman took a phone from one of the Marines and tossed it over his head, according to The New York Post.

At the time of the incident, last Sunday night, the uniform-clad group of Marines was on Sixth Street, a popular area in Austin known for its nightlife, Breitbart News reports.

A video of the incident, shared by TX StreetFights 2, captures the moment when a man in a white jacket seems to initiate a physical confrontation with one of the Marines.

The video shows other service members intervening to restrain the man. The situation rapidly escalated, with both civilians and Marines engaging in pushing and shoving.

The conflict intensified when a man in a white t-shirt began shouting at one of the Marines.

The Marine, reaching his limit, pushed the man, who retaliated. The confrontation led to the man in the white t-shirt falling to the ground amid a growing crowd.

Law enforcement officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety and other agencies swiftly arrived to defuse the situation.

According to the New York Post, one officer is seen arresting an individual on the ground outside the Voodoo Room.

Mounted police officers soon arrived to help restore order. However, details about what specifically triggered the incident remain unclear.

The New York Post noted that Sixth Street, while a significant attraction in Austin, is also known for safety concerns and unruly behavior.

Social media reactions to the video were swift, with one user commenting,

“You have to be extremely intelligent to start a fight with an entire unit of marines.”

“Dude these are trained MARINES! They’re trained to fight the toughest enemy around the world and you want to mess with a group of MARINES! Bad idea!!!” another remarked.

Austin is reportedly experiencing a shortage of police officers, and a prevalent hostility towards law enforcement and conservatives in the city.

In 2020, the Austin City Council, influenced by the “defund the police” movement, reduced the police budget by $150 million, a move reversed in 2021.