Teenage American Commie Arrested for WHAT?!


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Radical leftists already seem to be taking violent action to support Islamist terrorism as a teenage Communist Democrat has been arrested for plotting to firebomb the US headquarters of an Israel defense company in support of the Hamas terrorists who massacred 1,400 Israelis last month.

Calla Mairead Walsh, a 19-year-old with a background in progressive Democratic political activism, was arrested on Sunday along with two other individuals.

The arrest was in connection with an alleged attempt to firebomb the American headquarters of Israeli defense company Elbit Systems in New Hampshire, as reported by NBC Boston, cited by The Daily Caller.

Walsh’s activism has previously garnered attention from prominent media outlets. She has been featured by The New York Times and NPR for her role in supporting various political campaigns.

According to NPR, in 2021, Walsh was instrumental in the digital campaign that contributed to Senator Ed Markey’s re-election as “a progressive organizer and activist.”

Walsh herself stated her initial motivation to engage in politics stemmed from a sense of powerlessness regarding climate change issues.

The New York Times recognized Walsh as “a leader in the group of activists known here as the Markeyverse” and “representative of an influential new force in Democratic politics.”

Her political involvement extended to working on campaigns for several high-profile Democratic figures, including Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Edward Markey, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Even in 2021, Walsh’s strong pro-Palestinian stance was evident, as well as her dissatisfaction with Senator Markey’s position on Israel.

She was a signatory on a letter to Senator Markey, demanding his support for justice in Palestine and criticizing his statements as being “antithetical to the Green New Deal and the progressive movement that won him re-election.”

Walsh expressed a broader perspective on her political engagement, telling The New York Times, “We have moved beyond this being about one candidate.”

Walsh openly identifies as a communist and has been associated with Marxist-Leninist ideology. She is listed as an “[a]nti-imperialist organizer and writer, and National Network on Cuba co-chair” on People’s World, a Marxist-Leninist publication.

“I’m not a ‘leftist’ I’m a communist. And communism is the only force that can liberate LGBTQ+ people,” she wrote on X.

A mix of anti-Israel sentiment and pro-communist commentary characterizes her social media presence.