Urgent Warning: ‘Imminent’ Terrorist Attack


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – BREAKING NEWS NOW: The government of the United States has issued an urgent warning of a potential terrorist attack.

Specifically, the US Embassy in Russia has been urgently alerted to a looming threat of a terrorist strike in Moscow, coming just moments after a foiled attempt by ISIS to execute a mass killing at a synagogue.

“The Embassy is closely observing reports that extremists are on the brink of executing plans to attack significant gatherings in Moscow, including concerts, and it is imperative for US citizens to steer clear of large assemblies for the ensuing 48 hours,” stated the embassy through its official online portal.

American nationals, already cautioned against staying in Russia amid its conflict with Ukraine, were expressly advised to “shun crowded places” and “remain vigilant of their environment.”

This advisory was issued following an announcement by Russia’s FSB security service about the disruption of an ISIS faction’s plot in Russia’s Kaluga region—specifically under the ISIS-Khorasan branch operative in Afghanistan—to commit a deadly assault on Jewish congregants at a Moscow synagogue.

According to the security service, the group “was in the final stages of planning to launch an attack on synagogue attendees using firearms.”

Upon the Russian special forces’ intervention at the ISIS faction’s base of operations, the militants engaged in combat but were ultimately “subdued,” as per FSB reports.

The agency further disclosed, “Firearms, ammunition, and elements necessary for constructing a homemade explosive device were discovered and confiscated.”


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