NOW: Marines Evacuating US Embassy Staff


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: While most Americans were sleeping, United States Marines were flown into Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where they conducted an evacuation of many staffers at the United States Embassy due to the growing civil unrest in that country.

Specifically, during the night, the United States military deployed Marines to enhance the security of its embassy in Haiti and facilitate the withdrawal of staff not critical to operations. This action comes as the nation grapples with the challenge posed by heavily armed gangs, which have plunged the capital city of Port-au-Prince into chaos.

The operation, executed under cover of darkness using helicopters, was performed at the request of the Department of State to bolster embassy security, as articulated by the U.S. Southern Command in a formal communication.

The statement from the U.S. Southern Command clarified, “This airlift of personnel into and out of the embassy is consistent with our standard practice for embassy security augmentation worldwide, and no Haitians were on board the military aircraft.”

The decision for this airlift was made in the context of continuous assaults by gangs across various areas of metropolitan Port-au-Prince, notably including Tabarre, the location of the U.S. embassy. Numerous local enterprises have suffered looting and have been forcibly taken over by armed factions, which now exert control over more than 80% of the capital.

Commencing last Thursday, armed entities have initiated a concerted onslaught, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry and targeting crucial institutions of the Haitian government.

After seizing a number of police stations, their aggression extended to the main seaport. It was followed by a large-scale prison break at the two principal detention facilities, resulting in the release of thousands of inmates, among them prominent gang leaders.

Additionally, these gangs have mounted assaults on both international and domestic airports, with intense gunfire leading to the cessation of international flights entering Haiti. Prime Minister Henry, facing demands from the United States and the Caribbean Community to step down, finds himself outside the country, impeded from returning.

In reaction to these violent events, Haiti has recently extended a 72-hour state of emergency and curfew to an entire month, calling upon its nascent army to support the Haiti National Police. In an effort to combat gang activity, the U.S. government has supplied the police force with additional ammunition.

Amidst escalating violence, the U.S. embassy has scaled back its operations but continues to operate, as confirmed in a statement.

The statement reads, “The U.S. Embassy in Haiti remains open. Heightened gang violence in the neighborhood near U.S. embassy compounds and near the airport led to the State Department’s decision to arrange for the departure of additional embassy personnel. All arriving and departing passengers work for the U.S. government.”

While the situation remains dire, President Joe Biden has previously stated that deploying U.S. troops to intervene in the crisis directly is not being considered. Requests for comments directed to the White House were referred to the Southern Command.


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