Trump Predicts ‘Big Trouble’ if THIS Happens

Donald Trump

( – During a rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Former President Donald Trump expressed his concerns about the future of the United States, contingent on the Supreme Court’s treatment of his case.

Trump, known for his direct and passionate speech, emphasized, “If we don’t get fair treatment, our country’s in big, big trouble. Does everybody understand what I’m saying?”

This statement, reported by the media, came in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to hear Trump’s case following the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling to exclude him from the state’s primary ballot. This decision was based on allegations tied to Trump’s actions during the January 6, 2021, Capitol protests.

Trump’s visit to Iowa, including events in Newton and Clinton, demonstrates his unwavering commitment to connecting with his supporters nationwide.

His Friday rally highlighted his concerns about the Democrats casting aspersions on the integrity of the Supreme Court, a point that Trump brought to light by stating, “They’re saying, ‘Oh, Trump owns the Supreme Court; he owns it. He owns it. If they make a decision for him, it will be terrible. It’ll ruin their reputations,'” reflecting his views on how the opposition often perceives his influence.

The former President likened the pressure on the Supreme Court to the tactics used by the late basketball coach Bobby Knight, known for his confrontational style.

This analogy underscores Trump’s perspective on the current political climate, where he feels undue pressure is being applied to sway judicial decisions.

In Colorado, the application of the “insurrection clause” of the 14th Amendment was pivotal in removing Trump from the ballot.

This clause, a remnant from the Civil War era, disqualifies individuals who have engaged in insurrection against the United States from holding office. Similar challenges have led to Trump’s removal from Maine’s ballot and are being discussed in over a dozen states.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Trump’s favor could potentially halt these challenges and reaffirm his qualifications for ballot inclusion, a decision with significant implications for his political future and the American political landscape.