CNN Accuses Trump of WHAT?


( – In a new attack on the leading 2024 GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, a high-profile operative of the leftist network CNN has described the former president’s messages to Americans as “Nazi talk.”

During a recent appearance on “Sky News,” CNN’s chief international anchor, Christiane Amanpour, compared Trump’s rhetoric to that of the Nazis.

She also dwelled on the importance of former Vice President Mike Pence’s call for new leadership within the Republican Party.

Amanpour delved into the potential implications of Trump’s hypothetical second term, citing public reports about his plans.

She quoted Trump’s controversial statements: “I will be a dictator for the first day. I will use my Justice Department to go off to all my enemies. I am your retribution.”

The CNN operative stressed that, regarding illegal immigrants, Trump reportedly said, “They ‘infect the blood of Americans.’”

“This is Nazi talk. This is really dangerous,” Amanpour stressed.

She acknowledged that sometimes these concerns are perceived as exaggerated but emphasized the gravity of the situation.

“Now some say your fears are just the fears of demented liberals. Others say that actually he is a genuine real and proven threat to not only U.S. but also global democracy,” Amanpour said.

She also referenced the 14th Amendment, which prohibits any state or federal official involved in insurrection from holding office.

Significantly, Amanpour pointed out the impact of Pence’s recent remarks, especially considering his steadfast conservative stance.

“For him to come out and even, not quite, but definitely say that he does not want Trump again is a big deal. He has put himself in the firing line three years ago on January 6, and he did, and he’s right — people do thank him for holding onto his office and being brave when people were calling to hang Mike Pence, and he got no help from his president, who was watching from the White House. So this is a big deal,” the senior CNN official argued.

Earlier, in a CNN interview, Pence had expressed his desire for a new direction in the GOP.

“I continue to hope that with the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire just around the corner, that all the good Republican voters in those states will give our party a fresh start and give us new leadership to lead our party forward in the election and beyond,” Pence said.