Trump: Do It ‘Now’

Donald Trump

( – Donald Trump has taken his civil fraud case to New York state’s appeals court. On his platform, Truth Social, Trump commented on the trial, asserting it’s entangled in a “rat’s nest of New York Democrat corruption.”

He further stated that his case should have been heard in the commercial division of the state court, where judges understand Valuations and Real Estate.” In no uncertain terms, he stressed, “This Trump Hating Judge doesn’t. The Appellant Division must intercede, NOW!”

This move to appeal follows a decision by Judge Aaron Engoron, who ruled in favor of some fraud claims raised by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Although the trial concerning other charges and the assessment of damages has started, Trump’s attorneys decided to challenge Judge Engeron’s ruling on the trial’s third day.

The heart of Attorney General James’s case is based on claims that Trump and his business intentionally overstated the worth of certain properties to obtain beneficial terms for loans and insurance coverage.

In defense, Trump’s legal team contends that the property valuations were appropriate and that the provided financial statements included necessary disclaimers. They further suggest that Attorney General James may not fully comprehend the complexities of the real estate industry.

Based on his prior decision, Judge Engoron issued a directive focusing on assets related to Trump. He instructed Trump and his representatives to deliver a list of their controlled entities to a court monitor, retired Judge Barbara S. Jones. Additionally, they must inform the monitor about any transfers or third-party acquisitions of these assets.

As the trial entered its fourth day, the defense wrapped up their cross-examination of Donald Bender, an accountant. Bender pointed out that the Trump Organization often lacked the documentation to create financial statements precisely.

Although Trump was physically present in court for its first three days, he departed for Florida during the lunch break on the third day. Attorney General James reacted, “The Donald Trump show is over.”