Trump: Biden ‘Destroying’ Democracy (VIDEO)

Donald Trump

( – 2024 GOP presidential nomination frontrunner Donald Trump painted a chilling picture of how Joe Biden is destroying America’s democracy and the rule of law, as the former president delivered a speech in Iowa following a prayer with local faith leaders.

A group of faith leaders from Iowa gathered to pray over former President Donald Trump prior to his address to supporters in Cedar Rapids, where he criticized President Joe Biden as “the destroyer of democracy.”

A video shared on social media by James Blair, a Republican strategist, captured the scene of approximately a dozen Iowa faith leaders extending their hands towards Trump while one led the prayer, Breitbart News reports.

“The gates of hell will not prevail against him. We speak this over him. Lord, I pray for protection over him; I pray for protection over his family,” the leader prayed.

“All the weapons formed against him will not prosper, and lord, they will come to nothing, and the traps that have been laid against him,” he added.

This prayer session followed the endorsement of Trump for president by more than 150 Iowa faith leaders on November 23.

“The overwhelming support from Iowa’s faith leaders is a clear indication of President Trump’s unwavering commitment to the principles and values that are important to people of faith,” Pastor Dan McCoy, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church in Urbandale, remarked in an email press release from Trump’s campaign.

“This announcement is not just a number; it’s a powerful message that faith communities trust President Trump to lead our nation forward with integrity and moral clarity,” McCoy added.

Trump, taking the stage around 4:30 p.m. ET in Iowa, compared President Joe Biden to a “third-world communist tyrant.

“His banana republic ends on November 5th, 2024… Biden and his radical left allies like to pose as defenders of democracy — you see, he was standing up there not so long ago with the pink and red background – that looked a little bit sinister,” the former president stated.

He seemed to refer to Biden’s speech in September 2021, claiming that “MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution.”

“But Joe Biden is not the defender of American Democracy. Joe Biden is the destroyer of American Democracy, and it’s him and his people; they’re the wreckers of the American Dream,” Trump concluded.