Texas Wins Border Battle


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Justice has been served, border security is now stronger, but the war is far from over as the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has granted Texas a temporary victory by blocking the Biden administration from removing or damaging the concertina wire barriers that Texas authorities have installed at the border.

This ruling comes amid ongoing legal battles over border control strategies and immigration policies.

The state of Texas filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration in October, challenging the federal government’s actions in cutting or damaging over 29 miles of concertina wire along the Texas-Mexico border. Texas argues that these actions not only constitute illegal destruction of state property but also impede the state’s efforts to secure its border and manage the surge of illegal immigration.

Texas installed the wire in strategic crossing areas that have experienced significant increases in illegal crossings in recent years. In response, the federal government has maintained that the presence of the wire hinders the Border Patrol’s ability to effectively patrol and manage the border. They assert their obligation under federal law to take custody of individuals who cross into U.S. territory without authorization.

Initially, a federal judge had issued a temporary block against the removal of the wire but later reversed this decision. Texas appealed, leading to the Fifth Circuit Court’s recent ruling in favor of the state. As a result, the wire barriers cannot be removed or damaged for the time being.
This ruling coincides with a surge in migration in the area, with record numbers of encounters reported along the border. In Eagle Pass alone, Border Patrol agents are processing thousands of migrants and have a substantial number in custody.

In response to the ongoing border crisis, Texas has taken several measures under Operation Lone Star, launched in 2021. These efforts include surging resources and law enforcement to the border, building a border wall, and constructing a buoy barrier in the Rio Grande.

Additionally, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed new legislation allowing state law enforcement officers to arrest individuals suspected of entering the country illegally. This law has been met with immediate criticism from the White House and civil rights groups, highlighting the contentious nature of border security and immigration policy in the United States.