Texas Republican Attacks Trump!?

Donald Trump

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In a notable divergence from the policies of the Republican Party and a targeted attack on former President Donald Trump, a Texas Republican Congressman, representing a district along the southern border, tried to justify the role of immigrants in the United States.

Rep. Tony Gonzales was on the CBS program “Face the Nation” and was responding to Trump’s remarks where Trump said that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.”

Gonzales, trying to highlight the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, stated, “I think immigrants are the lifeblood of our country, and it’s important that we have immigrants.”

He underscored his support for legal immigration while expressing concern about how the current border crisis has adversely affected the legal immigration process.

The congressman acknowledged the widespread frustration over illegal border crossings, noting that it has not only fostered resentment but also pushed legal immigrants to a disadvantageous position.

“It’s encouraged illegal immigration, and it’s created this rhetoric, and it’s created this anger,” Gonzales added, pointing out that the sentiment extends beyond Trump’s comments and is palpable among his constituents.

Amidst these developments, Senate lawmakers are engaged in negotiations over southern border policies. These discussions are part of a broader emergency foreign aid package that includes support for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

While Republicans are advocating for stricter measures to curb the flow of illegal migrants, Democrats appear hesitant to embrace policy changes.

Gonzales emphasized the urgency for a bipartisan resolution, calling for collaboration between the House, Senate, and the President. He advocates for a comprehensive national security package that not only supports U.S. allies but also addresses domestic concerns, including the real and growing anger among citizens.