Robber Learns Painful Lesson


(GoRealNewsNow) – In a violent incident that proves why conservatives champion the preservation of American gun rights, a woman attempted a robbery at Jeff Dennis Jewelers in Gardendale, Alabama. However, the situation took an unexpected turn, leaving the store owner and the suspect with life-altering experiences.

The alleged robber, identified as Heather Denise Wright, 32, approached the store while wearing a dark hood, gloves, and a face mask. She was seen on surveillance images holding a can of bear spray. In a somewhat bizarre twist, she allegedly began the encounter by wishing store workers “Happy Holidays.”

What followed left store owner Jeff Dennis shaken but resolute in his actions. According to reports from Gardendale police, Wright proceeded to tell the workers that she didn’t intend to harm anyone but then unexpectedly unleashed the bear spray indoors.

In response to the sudden threat, Dennis drew his gun to protect his store and employees. Wright reportedly said, “Happy Holidays,” again, and then uttered, “I don’t want to hurt you all, but I am.”

Without hesitation, Dennis took a shot, hitting Wright in the shoulder. She dropped her bag, screamed for him to stop, and fled out of the door. Upon further inspection, Dennis found additional weapons in her purse.

Following the incident, Dennis activated the store’s alarm and initiated a lockdown. The suspect was captured by police in Gardendale, about 10 miles north of Birmingham.

In an interview with, Dennis expressed his relief that police were able to apprehend Wright without any fatal consequences. He admitted that the incident had caused him sleepless nights but emphasized that he had acted to protect his store and employees.

Heather Denise Wright now faces three charges of robbery and three charges of criminal use of defense spray. She is being held without bail, and Dennis has expressed hope that she can turn her life around.

The store temporarily closed after the incident but has since reopened for limited service, as announced on Dennis’ Facebook page. While the events were undoubtedly harrowing, they serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of certain situations and the resilience of those determined to protect their livelihoods.