Huge Trump Investigation Update


( – Special Council Jack Smith will apparently stop at nothing to “get” Donald Trump in the alleged January 6, 2021, election subversion case, as the federal prosecutor plans to utilize a massive trove of cellphone data extracted from the former president’s Twitter account and from the cellphone he was using that day.

Smith is preparing to introduce testimony from experts who have scrutinized data from former President Trump’s cellphone, focusing on his Twitter activities and the crowd’s movements on January 6, 2021, after Trump’s speech, The Hill reports, quoting a new court filing.

The filing submitted on Monday provides the first glimpse into Smith’s strategy of employing a substantial collection of data obtained from Trump’s Twitter account.

This data acquisition followed a clandestine legal battle to access the account, now part of the platform known as X.

In addition to Trump’s Twitter data, the prosecution in the election interference case has also extracted information from Trump’s cell phone and that of an assistant, referred to in the filing only as “Individual 1.”

The expert, whose identity remains undisclosed in the court document, has analyzed the use of the phones by Trump and his aide during the post-election period.

This analysis includes “specifically identified periods of time during which the defendant’s phone was unlocked and the Twitter application was open on Jan. 6.”

While the full extent of the information obtained from Trump’s phone is not detailed in the filing, it mentions that the expert investigated “images found on the phones and websites visited.”

This could potentially offer a deeper understanding of Trump’s actions on Twitter, particularly his tweet targeting then-Vice President Mike Pence.

Another expert witness will be introduced to analyze how Trump’s supporters responded to his call to march toward the Capitol.

“[This expert has] plotted the location history data for Google accounts and devices associated with individuals who moved, on January 6, 2021, from an area at or near the Ellipse to an area encompassing the United States Capitol building,” the filing reads.

The analysis aims to assist the jury in comprehending the movement of individuals toward the Capitol following Trump’s speech at the Ellipse.

Trump is scheduled for trial on March 4, facing four counts related to his attempts to disrupt the peaceful transfer of presidential power.