NOW: Ultra-Lib City Evicting Illegals


( – In what millions of law-abiding Americans believe is too little too late, Chicago — as liberal a city as exists in the United States of America — is finally going to start evicting illegal aliens under certain circumstances.

To be more precise, starting Sunday, Chicago plans to remove around 5,600 illegal aliens from city shelters, following a new policy by Mayor Brandon Johnson. This policy limits the time these migrants can stay in shelters to 60 days.

This Saturday, 34 illegals will be the first to leave due to this policy, which has been postponed several times since November because of the cold weather.

Some exceptions will be made for illegals who have health issues, are close to getting their own housing, are dealing with domestic violence, or are pregnant.

But those who have been in the shelters longer than 60 days will be asked to leave in the next few weeks. They are instructed to go back to the city’s “landing zone,” a temporary place at parked city buses, to ask for a bed again.

By the end of this month, 244 more illegal immigrants will be asked to leave, and next month, 1,782 are expected to be evicted, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

These evictions are only a small part of the bigger picture, as 11,200 illegals currently live in the city’s shelters.

In the past, New York City set a shelter stay limit of 30 to 60 days for illegal immigrants. At that time, Mayor Johnson highlighted Chicago as a more inviting city.

“Policies that are impacting population shifts around the globe is affecting us all. These are asylum-seekers. These are not illegal people,” he stated.

But now, the city has changed its stance after spending $160 million to support these illegal immigrants.

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