NOW: Manhunt for Cop Killer

Jaremy Smith

( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: An all-hands-on-deck manhunt is underway in New Mexico after a vicious criminal with a long record of offenses gun downed a New Mexico State Police officer. Now, another murder has been linked to the cop killer.

Specifically, Troy Weisler, the Chief of the New Mexico State Police, shared news about a man accused of fatally shooting Officer Justin Hare. This man, known for a significant criminal record in South Carolina, is still being pursued by the police.

During a press briefing, Chief Weisler detailed that Jaremy Smith, the suspect, had been previously involved in serious crimes, including armed robbery, hostage-taking, causing disturbances in jail, and stealing cars. These crimes happened before the tragic incident on Friday that resulted in Officer Hare’s death.

The situation unfolded when Officer Hare stopped to help Smith, whose car had broken down on Interstate 40 near Tucumcari, New Mexico. Following a short talk, Smith is alleged to have drawn a firearm and shot Officer Hare twice, then fled in Hare’s police vehicle. The stolen police car was later found crashed.

Officer Hare was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead early Friday morning.

The investigation has also linked Smith to another crime.

He is a suspect in the death of Phonesia Machado-Fore, a paramedic from South Carolina, found dead near the border of South Carolina and North Carolina. She was reported missing by her family the day before her body was found.

The car at the New Mexico shooting scene, which led to Officer Hare’s death, was linked back to Machado-Fore, who was discovered dead on Friday night in South Carolina.

Tammy Erwin, representing the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina, announced that Machado-Fore’s body was found in Lake View, SC, and an autopsy was planned.

Erwin emphasized the profound loss of Machado-Fore, describing her as a vital part of their community and a fellow first responder. She pledged to pursue justice for her death vigorously.

Erwin also told KOAT news that there’s evidence suggesting Smith and Machado-Fore knew each other, which has made Smith a key suspect in the investigation into her death.


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