NOW: Ann Coulter Attacks Trump


( – In a continuation of a stunning reversal of how she views Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, once one of Trump’s most vocal supporters and the author of numerous best-selling books on conservative politics, slammed Trump in a new tweet about the former president.

When Trump first ran for the presidency in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, Coulter famously wrote a book in support of Trump and could be found on every talking head radio and television show singing the praises of Trump.

Wikipedia described the book this way:

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! is a 2016 book by American conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter in support of Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign for the presidency of the United States. The e-book was a New York Times bestseller in September 2016.”

But, as Wikipedia also notes, the tide soon turned when it came to Coulter’s view of Trump.

“By the end of Trump’s term in office, Coulter’s endorsement of Trump had turned upside down. While refusing to acknowledge that she was misguided in boosting Trump’s candidacy in 2016, Coulter in 2021 said, ‘Trump betrayed his own supporters at every turn … I hate him. He’s a betrayer.'”

Now, in a tweet posted last night, Coulter has attacked Trump over his criminal indictments, saying:

“In a perfect world, Trump would be convicted, but in Texas. Assigned to a prison work gang. Sent to the southern border. Forced to build the wall.”

How will Trump respond? It’s a safe bet he will not be kind in his assessment of Counter.