Muslim Mob Storms Airport (Videos)


( – Tensions escalated at an airport in Makhachkala, the capital of the Russian republic of Dagestan, when a large group of people waving Palestinian flags stormed the facility. Their actions were motivated by online rumors suggesting that a plane carrying Jewish refugees from Tel Aviv, Israel, was scheduled to land.

You can watch several videos of what occurred further down this post.

The crowd, predominantly young men, shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they searched the airport for these alleged refugees. Their behavior was fueled by circulating reports, which Russian state media RT highlighted, suggesting that Jewish individuals from Israel were arriving in Dagestan.

The Times of Israel noted that one flight from Israel had to be rerouted due to the disturbance. However, even after landing at another airport, it was not spared from similar chaos.

Disturbing videos on social media depicted the mob forcefully accessing the airport runway, going from one plane to another, examining passports, and confronting passengers based on their religious identity. A notable incident involved a young man being cornered by the mob and questioned about his religious background. They shouted at him, “You are a Jew!” but the man clarified he was from Uzbekistan, not Israel.

Russian riot police eventually intervened, restoring some semblance of order. Nonetheless, the atmosphere remained charged. Protesters persisted in demanding the eviction of Jewish individuals from the region.

The Israeli government responded with a joint statement from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The State of Israel views with utmost gravity attempts to harm Israeli citizens and Jews anywhere. Israel expects the Russian legal authorities to safeguard the well-being of all Israeli citizens and Jews wherever they are and to take strong action against the rioters and against the wild incitement being directed against Jews and Israelis.”

This airport incident followed a similar event in the city of Khasavyurt, where a mob besieged a hotel after rumors suggested Israelis were residing there. Another hotel faced the same situation, with the mob demanding guests show their passports. To appease the crowd, one hotel even posted a notice prohibiting Jewish individuals from staying.

Sergei Melikov, the Head of the Republic of Dagestan, attributed these disturbances to misinformation spread on social media, which misled many residents.