Libs Alarmed About Biden!?


( – Joe Biden’s liberal backers are growing alarmed over his weak reelection campaign and the possibility of a Trump comeback and insist the president should put forth an “ambitious” leftist agenda, a report reveals.

According to The Washington Post, “some liberals are warning with greater urgency” that Biden should “sharpen” his “reelection pitch.”

They reportedly view his campaign as limited to “touting his record” and making warnings about another Trump presidency.

However, in their view, such actions might not suffice to help Biden keep the voters from the left wing of the Democratic Party.

“Democrats up and down the line are going to have to be much clearer to the American people as to what they stand for and, most importantly, which side they are on in the great struggles that we face,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) commented recently.

He told NBC News’s “Meet the Press” that Biden’s campaign slogan “Finish the Job” wasn’t inspiring enough.

“You cannot simply, as president of the United States, rest on your laurels,” declared Sanders, who bills himself as a Socialist Democrat, while lauding Biden’s “long series of accomplishments.”

The Post notes that other liberal legislators and voters harbor similar worries as the 2024 presidential election is increasingly shaping up as a race whose outcome could be swung by “even a sliver of disaffected voters” who might remain at home on election day or choose a third-party candidate instead of Biden.

Progressivist US Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) states that Biden needs to have “more faith in the progressive agenda.”

However, he argued the president’s frequent “pivot to the middle” on crime, the environment, immigration, and other issues were worrying to liberals.

“He’s balancing being responsive to the Progressive Caucus and new members of Congress, like myself, while also being responsive to very entrenched lobbies like the fossil fuel industry,” Bowman said.

The report points out progressivists are becoming anxious that the Biden White House “is now turning away from them” because of the reelection campaign and “adjusting” to having a Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

Among those are climate activists enraged by Biden’s decision to accelerate an oil pipeline in West Virginia and approve the Willow oil drilling project in Alaska.