Kamala: ‘We’ll Beat Him Again’

Kamala Harris

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Amidst voter concerns about Joe Biden’s ability to perform his duties at 81, Kamala Harris arrogantly addressed these doubts while on the campaign trail in South Carolina.

In an interview, Harris not only tried to defend Biden’s mental “madness” but also tackled the prospect of facing former President Donald Trump in a potential electoral rematch.

“If it is Donald Trump, we’ve beat him before, and we’ll beat him again,” Harris asserted, underscoring the administration’s supposed readiness to take on any challenge in the upcoming election.

During the interview, Harris detailed her extensive time spent with Biden in various high-stakes settings, including the Oval Office and the Situation Room.

She described him as “extraordinarily smart” and praised his ability to anticipate future challenges, both nationally and globally. This firsthand account from Harris aimed to dispel any doubts about Biden’s competence and cognitive abilities.

Additionally, Harris highlighted the positive reception the Democratic administration has received in South Carolina. She noted that the enthusiasm and support on the ground are clear indicators of people applauding the administration’s accomplishments and supporting their continued efforts.

When asked about recent polling indicating a potential struggle for the Biden-Harris ticket against Trump, Harris remained undeterred.

She emphasized the importance of not taking any election for granted, regardless of the opponent. “I am of the school that you either run without an opponent or you run scared,” she remarked, demonstrating a proactive and vigilant approach to campaigning.

Harris also addressed the campaign’s specific challenges with black voters, acknowledging the need to communicate the administration’s achievements to this crucial demographic effectively.

“You got to earn the votes,” she stated, emphasizing the campaign’s responsibility to showcase their responses to community needs and remind voters who delivered these results.