Georgia Prosecutor’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out


( – The unfolding drama surrounding Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor appointed by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, not only adds a layer of intrigue to the Georgia election fraud case against former President Donald Trump, it could potentially derail the case for months.

According to court documents filed by his ex-wife, Joycelyn Wade, there are allegations of an affair between Wade and Willis, coupled with questionable financial practices.

Joycelyn Wade’s Cobb County Superior Court filing reveals a sequence of events raising eyebrows. Working for the Fulton County DA’s Office, Nathan Wade filed for divorce a day after his appointment, swiftly followed by a request to seal the divorce records.

This move came amidst allegations from Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, who accuses Wade and Willis of an “improper” relationship, potentially influencing the case against him.

Roman’s allegations further suggest that Nathan Wade, of the Atlanta-based Wade & Campbell firm, utilized part of his legal fees from the Fulton County DA’s Office for personal gain.

He alleges that these funds were used for extravagant trips with Willis, casting a shadow over the integrity of the prosecution’s role in the Trump case. Additionally, questions arise about Willis’s decision to appoint Wade, whose expertise in criminal matters is under scrutiny.

Joycelyn Wade’s claims add to the controversy. She alleges she was left in the dark about Nathan Wade’s involvement in the Trump case and his financial gains. Her filing includes detailed bank records pointing to Nathan Wade’s lavish expenditures on trips with Willis.

In response to a subpoena for Willis to appear for a deposition in the Wade divorce case, her legal team argued for its dismissal, citing irrelevance and claiming the Wade marriage ended in 2017. This was before Willis met Nathan and followed an alleged affair by Joycelyn.

However, Hastings, representing Joycelyn, refutes these claims, portraying her client as disconnected in her marriage due to prior infidelity by Nathan Wade. She maintains that any contact Joycelyn had with a former acquaintance was limited to social media and text messages.

The situation is further complicated by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners’ investigation into whether Willis misused county funds and accepted personal benefits from Nathan Wade.

They have given Willis until Feb. 2 to respond.