Hero Cops Rescue 8-Year-Old Girl (Video)


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – As an apartmеnt was set on fire, Nevada authorities relеased bodycam footage of their officers saving a distressed young girl and her mother who were trapped inside.

Watch the video further down this post.

The Henderson Police Dеpartment said in a video, “Upon arrival, officers observed the windows of the apartment shattered, with smoke and flames coming from within.”

They continued, “[O]fficers were then informed that a mother and daughter were trapped inside the burning apartment. Acting swiftly and without hesitation, these courageous officers successfully rescued an 8-year-old girl and two dogs. No one else was in the apartment.”

The bodycam footage captured an officer shouting to ensure no one was insidе the burning building while another officer asked his colleague if they should enter, and they promptly entered the smoke-filled apartment.

“This is Henderson Police Department, we’re entering,” the officer announced.

Immediately, the officer spotted a child standing across the room and encouraged her to come closer. She was wrapped in a blanket.

“Hey, come here. Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay, buddy,” the officer reassured the 8-year-old as she approached slowly while he asked the girl if someone else was inside the apartment, to which the child responded that her mother was inside.

The officer assured the child they would get her mom and as she went outside, the girl began crying and screaming.

The remainder of the footage showed the officers rescuing a dog from the apartment and searching through the smoke for the girl’s mother, who was already outside.

Henderson residents praised the bravery of the police officers in the comments section of the Facebook video.

“Y’all are amazing. Keep doing what you do. You’re greatly appreciated,” one Facebook user said.

Another added, “As a survivor of 75% burn injury… I commend HPD for their actions that most likely saved this family’s lives.”

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