‘Heartbreaking Loss’


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – A well-known American surfer, one of the tragic trio found murdered near a popular beach on a surfing trip in Mexico, was on the brink of marrying his fiancée this August, causing a heartbreaking loss for his fiancée and his family.

30-year-old Jack Carter Rhoad had plans to tie the knot with 32-year-old Natalie Wiertz when his body, along with those of 33-year-old Callum and 30-year-old Jake Robinson, were found days after they went missing in Baja California, Mexico.

The discovery occurred near an abandoned well by the ocean, all three victims having gunshot wounds.

Rhoad’s wedding with Wiertz was set for August 17, but now she mourns his loss just a week after the tragedy.

Moreover, the couple had arranged a wedding venue in Columbia, Ohio, and their Zola online registry featured a photo of them smiling alongside the wedding date.

“In the wake of the heartbreaking loss of Carter Rhoad, Callum Robinson, and Jake Robinson, our hearts ache with grief for their families, friends, and community,” wrote organizer Aubrey Byers on GoFundMe.

Wiertz recently celebrated her bachelorette party in Florida.

The engaged couple shared their engagement on Facebook in July 2023, accompanied by photos of the proposal at sunset.

Authorities speculated that thieves approached the men at their beach camp in La Bocana, which led to the tragic outcome while the suspects set their car on fire at the camp but did not take it.

Though the cause of death is yet to be confirmed, police discovered shell casings at the campsite.

Additionally, Jesús Gerardo Garcia Cota, his partner Ari Gisel García Cota, and Jesus’ brother Cristian Alejandro Garcia were arrested in connection to the disappearance but not charged with murder.

While Baja California remains one of Mexico’s most violent states, tourist areas like Ensenada are relatively safer.

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