GOP Speaker to Biden: Do This!


( – In the wake of a deadly attack by Iranian-backed terrorists that resulted in the loss of three U.S. soldiers, House Speaker Mike Johnson is urging Joe Biden to be more severe against Iran’s actions.

During a recent interview with NBC News Johnson openly expressed his frustration about how Biden’s administration handled this whole Iran mess.

A “peace through strength” approach is what Johnson believes should be the position of the current administration. That would be something that aligns with the Reagan Doctrine and is also very similar to the approach of former President Donald Trump.

He stressed the importance of making it clear to Iran that “nothing is off the table,” advocating for a series of decisive actions to pressure Iran.

Some of the actions include dismantling the financial infrastructure that supports Iranian aggression by targeting the Iran Central Bank and urging international banks to freeze the assets of Iranian proxies.

Johnson also suggested crippling Iran’s oil exports through “maximum pressure” tactics.

Johnson referenced the Trump administration’s drone strike that eliminated Qasem Soleimani as an effective military response back in the day and believes a similar move in this case will greatly reduce the aggressiveness of Iranians compared to the poor handling of the situation by the Biden Administration.

Johnson kept criticizing the current administration’s decisions, targeting their broader military engagements, suggesting they failed to address the core issues at hand.