First Black Woman To Do This?!


( – In a remarkable twist in her already illustrious career, pop and R&B/hip-hop superstar Beyoncé has made an unprecedented entry onto Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

For the week dated February 24 her single “Texas Hold ‘Em” not only entered the chart but did so at the very top, marking a historic No. 1 debut. Alongside this her song “16 Carriages” secured the No. 9 spot showcasing her versatile talent across genres.

This achievement is significant as Beyoncé becomes the first Black woman or female of known biracial heritage to top the Hot Country Songs chart setting a new precedent in a genre that has seen limited diversity at its upper echelons. This follows Tracy Chapman’s milestone last year when Luke Combs’ cover of her song “Fast Car” hit No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart another moment of recognition for Black artists in country music.

“Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” both made a strong showing on the Billboard Hot 100 as well landing at Nos. 2 and 38 respectively. Released on February 11 these tracks were part of a strategic launch announced during a Verizon commercial aired during the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast, building anticipation for Beyoncé’s upcoming album, expected to be titled Act II a follow-up to her 2022 Renaissance LP.

The statistics behind “Texas Hold ‘Em” are impressive with 19.2 million official streams, 4.8 million in all-format airplay audience and 39,000 copies sold in the U.S. through February 15 according to Luminate. “16 Carriages” also made a notable impact with 10.3 million streams, 90,000 in radio reach and 14,000 sold.

Beyoncé’s success with “Texas Hold ‘Em” on the Hot Country Songs chart marks her as the only solo artist to achieve No. 1 across seven of Billboard’s multimetric song charts. This record spans the Hot 100, Hot Country Songs, Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, Hot Gospel Songs, Hot Latin Songs, Hot R&B Songs, and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, showcasing her unparalleled versatility and appeal across diverse musical landscapes.

She also makes history as the first woman to top both Hot Country Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs since these charts began in October 1958. Beyoncé joins the ranks of Morgan Wallen, Justin Bieber, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Ray Charles as the only acts to have led both charts, underlining her unique position in the music industry.

From her beginnings in 1997 with Destiny’s Child to her solo career that kicked off in 2003 Beyoncé has consistently pushed boundaries and set new standards. Her entry into country music marked by the promotion of “Texas Hold ‘Em” to country radio adds a new chapter to her story of success and influence.

Dave Parker program director of Sinclair’s WUSH Norfolk Virginia expressed enthusiasm for the track highlighting its unique sound and positive listener feedback.

With “Texas Hold ‘Em” also making its mark on the Pop Airplay chart and other formats Beyoncé continues to demonstrate her broad appeal and ability to innovate.