BUSTED: Hunter Biden Indicted; Faces Years in Prison


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – BREAKING NEWS NOW: President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is facing indictment on felony gun charges in Delaware, as revealed by a document from Department of Justice (DOJ) special counsel David Weiss, which was partially redacted.

According to the indictment, Hunter Biden is charged with three criminal counts involving making false statements and illegal possession of a firearm while being addicted to drugs.

The charges are related to his purchase of a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018. The court document stipulates that he could face up to ten years in prison for the first and third charges and up to five years for the second, as indicated by a defendant information sheet.

The indictment states, “Robert Hunter Biden, provided a written statement on Form 4473 certifying that he was not an unlawful user of, and addicted to, any stimulant narcotic drug, and any other controlled substance, when in fact, as he knew, the statement was false and fictitious.”

On September 6, the DOJ issued a status report declaring its intention to seek an indictment on the felony gun charge against Biden by month’s end. In response, Biden’s legal representatives argued that the pretrial diversion plan presented by the DOJ was legally valid, a claim that the DOJ has contested.

Initially, Hunter Biden had planned to plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors in July and sign a pretrial diversion agreement to sidestep incarceration for the felony gun charge. However, Delaware U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika took issue with an immunity clause embedded in the agreement. This led to a disagreement between Hunter Biden’s legal team and DOJ special counsel Leo Wise.

Christopher J. Clark, who served as Hunter Biden’s defense attorney, stepped away from the case in August, citing his involvement in the unsuccessful plea deal negotiations. Subsequently, Attorney General Merrick Garland designated David Weiss as special counsel. Weiss quickly moved to dismiss Biden’s two tax offenses to possibly prosecute him under a different jurisdiction, a motion granted by Judge Noreika.

Meanwhile, several committees in the House of Representatives, including the Ways and Means, Oversight, and Judiciary Committees, are investigating allegations made by an IRS whistleblower. These allegations accuse the DOJ of showing favoritism towards Hunter Biden in the tax case against him. Additionally, the House Oversight Committee is looking into Hunter Biden’s international business activities and the part his father, Joe Biden, may have played in those ventures.