BREAKING: Pence Drops Trump Bombshell


( – HAPPENING NOW: Former Vice President Mike Pence has acknowledged in a bombshell interview that he documented his conversations with former President Donald Trump, notably as Trump persisted in urging him to disavow the 2020 election results during its certification in Congress before the January 6 riot.

“From time to time, particularly at important moments, I had a practice of scribbling a note or two on my calendar, just to memorialize it and remember it,” Pence stated in a conversation with CBS’ “Face the Nation” broadcast on Sunday.

He also mentioned, “I generally didn’t make a practice of taking notes in meetings over the four-year period of time, but given the momentous events that were unfolding, I did take a few notes to remind myself of what had been said.”

Pence’s concurrent and hitherto undisclosed records were brought up in the four-count indictment filed against Trump on Tuesday concerning his attempts to retain power post the 2020 election.

Details of various election fraud allegations made by Trump were recorded in Pence’s notes from a meeting on January 4, 2021, as Trump tried to convince Pence to either send back or discard electoral votes during the January 6 certification.

Trump allegedly said, “That’s okay, I prefer the other suggestion,” when Pence pointed out during the meeting that “even your own counsel is not saying I have that authority” to send the votes back to the states, suggesting that Pence should single-handedly discard the votes.

Pence also stated in the interview, “Look, I’m a student of American history. I knew the founders of this country would never have given any one person the right to choose what Electoral College votes to accept and which ones to reject.”

He further stated, “I was very consistent with the president about that, and my recollections all reflect that. But you know, the end of the day, the president continued to hold to that view. But I knew what my duty was, and as I said, by God’s grace, we did our duty on that fateful day.”