BREAKING: Passenger Jet Taken Hostage (video)


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: While repeatedly chanting that he is a “slave of Allah,” a man took an entire passenger jet hostage today while holding what many believed at the time might be a bomb.

Specifically, the bearded man on a flight from Australia to Malaysia caused a terrifying experience for passengers by threatening to blow up the plane. Shocking footage shows him clutching a bag as he proclaims himself a “slave to Allah.”

You can watch a video clip of what took place further down this post.

The flight, MH122, headed for Kuala Lumpur, had to return to Sydney three hours post-departure. Upon landing, it was positioned in a secluded section of the runway while authorities responded to the “emergency incident.”

Videos depict the bald, bearded man confronting some of the 12 crew members and almost 200 passengers. Witnesses described his behavior as “aggressive” and labeled him a “lunatic.”

“My name is Mohammed, slave of Allah,” he declares in a video shared on X, previously known as Twitter. He persistently questions various individuals, “Are you a slave of Allah? Are you? Say it. Say it! Are you a slave of Allah?” A crew member appears to attempt to calm him by affirming, “Yes, I am.”

In separate recordings, he expresses outrage at those who disparage Muslims and mentions his heart “burns.”

As reported by Australia’s 9News, the man wore a black backpack on his front and threatened to “blow the plane up.” Yet, the bag was later found to be devoid of any explosives.

After landing at Sydney Airport, the Airbus A330 was stationed on an isolated stretch of the runway for approximately three hours, flanked by emergency services.

Malaysia Airlines attributed the return to Sydney to a “disruptive passenger” and stated, “In the interest of safety, the flight commander made a decision to return to Sydney.” Concurrently, Sydney Airport announced the cancellation of 32 domestic flights and several delays.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) labeled the situation an “emergency incident.” The 45-year-old man, whose identity wasn’t disclosed, is anticipated to face charges. The AFP, in a statement to 9 News, mentioned, “The AFP will not divulge operational matters, however, an emergency response plan was enacted and an evacuation was initiated once it was deemed safe for passengers and crew,” further adding that the public is not under any imminent threat.

Malaysia Airlines further commented, “The aircraft will be thoroughly inspected by the police. Passengers will be transferred to the next available flights after obtaining clearance from the authorities.”

Here is the video: