BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden’s Other Gun Missing


( – A new mystery has emerged around Hunter Biden after he got hit with three federal gun crime charges: why he wasn’t charged over a second firearm he seemingly owned and where that gun is.

After Hunter Biden’s no-prison federal probation deal fell through at a court hearing in July, US Justice Department Special Counsel David Weiss indicted him on Thursday on three gun charges over lying in federal papers and owning a firearm while being addicted to drugs.

As per Hunter’s admission, the gun in question was a Colt Cobra .38 Special, and he had it for 12 days until Hallie Biden, his deceased brother’s widow and Hunter’s then-girlfriend, tossed it in a trash bin in Greenville, Delaware.

Yet, video footage leaked from his long-lost “laptop from hell” indicates that Hunter also had another gun, a semi-automatic pistol, The Washington Times reports.

In the video, a naked Hunter Biden holds that second firearm with a cocked hammer and a finger on the trigger.

“That’s not the handgun in the photo, so where’s that gun?” Dan Zimmerman, managing editor at, said, wondering about Hunter’s potential second gun.

“How many other guns did he own? He obviously owned at least one other. If he owned others, where are they now? How did he dispose of them?” he told The Times ahead of Thursday’s indictment.

The report points out that the possibility that Hunter had at least one more gun has gone practically unreported in the media. Still, the issue has been discussed on firearm websites since RadarOnline posted screenshots from the laptop video.

The Times stresses that the first son could end up in more legal trouble if he procured a semi-automatic pistol in Delaware since, under the state’s laws, any transfers of guns not purchased from federally licensed dealers are eligible for background checks.

Information about Hunter’s gun possession stems from his laptop leaks, news accounts, and a document he produced for his court case called a “diversion agreement.”

Under his failed plea deal, he would have diverted a gun charge while pleading guilty to two tax misdemeanors. However, the diversion agreement contains Hunter Biden’s admission about the circumstances surrounding his gun ownership.

According to Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, prosecutors shouldn’t have agreed to the diversion agreement in the first place.

“The law spells it out pretty clearly that a person like Hunter Biden shouldn’t be owning a gun. And if you’re not going to enforce it against Hunter Biden, I don’t know how you’re going to enforce it against anybody else with a straight face,” Gottlieb commented.