Biden’s Top Secret Briefing Book Missing?!

Joe Biden

( – Yet another person questions the mental health of the current president as Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into Joe Biden has turned up some serious concerns.

The report, dropped Thursday, shows Biden has had trouble with handling top-secret stuff since way back in 2010. This isn’t just about a few misplaced papers; we’re talking about a highly sensitive briefing book that got lost while Biden was chilling in the Hamptons.

Hur’s findings aren’t just about these slip-ups. They also highlight a bigger worry about Biden’s mental sharpness taking a dive. This could be a bigger issue than the classified documents drama.

Despite these revelations, Hur thinks it’ll be tough to charge Biden. Proving he meant to mess up is hard, and Biden’s got a lot of folks feeling sorry for him.

The report digs into how Biden and his team managed secret info when he was Vice President. Right from the start, his lawyer, Cynthia Hogan, was on it, making sure classified docs got back where they belonged. She told Biden’s aide to keep these papers tight and out of the wrong places.

But keeping track of these sensitive documents was a headache. Biden liked to hang onto them or pull papers out before giving them back. This led to some tense moments, especially when a super-secret briefing book went missing in the Hamptons in 2010. Emails from that time show the team scrambling to find nearly thirty missing books from the first half of the year and a top-secret one Biden didn’t return from his Hamptons trip. The report says, “We were unable to determine whether these materials were ever recovered, although they were likely found and disposed of by military aides or naval enlisted aides.”

After this mess, Hogan put together some tips for Biden on handling secret stuff, like keeping it in secure places and never leaving it lying around. She tried to make it clear: “Classified information of any kind may only be reviewed or discussed in secured locations, and never in a public place such as on a train.”

“The [classified briefing] books must remain in your custody, or that of your cleared staff, at all times unless they are in your safe. Classified material must be returned to your national security staff as soon as you are finished with them.”

“Classified materials may never be left unattended, but must be secured in an appropriate safe or transferred to an individual authorized to transport them in an appropriate locked bag whenever they are not in your personal custody.”

“Whenever possible, classified materials should remain at the White House complex…. If you need to receive classified materials while at your residence at NAVOBS or in Delaware, the military aides will bring the material to you and then wait to take the material back when you are finished so that it can be stored safely.”

Even though Hogan couldn’t remember actually talking to Biden about this, she saw her own notes later and knew she had given the briefing.

Hogan thought of her advice more as “best practices” rather than hard rules. But, the report points out, Biden and his team didn’t always stick to these suggestions.

This all comes after Biden called out former President Donald Trump for being careless with classified documents, saying he couldn’t understand “how anyone could be that irresponsible.” Now, it seems Biden has his own set of issues to face when it comes to handling the nation’s secrets.