Biden Called ‘An Embarrassment to the US’

Joe Biden

( – In a statement that most Americans agree with, former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton slammed Joe Biden for encouraging Israel not to respond to Iran’s attacks on Saturday, saying that he was an “embarrassment to the United States.”

Bolton’s backlash comes in the wake of Iran’s unprecedented attack against Israel, which included an arsenal of 185 suicide drones, 110 surface-to-surface missiles, and 36 cruise missiles.

Moreover, the lawmaker emphasized the necessity for a formidable response to prevent future aggressions from Iran, stating, “And unless Iran sees a powerful response, that risk will continue.”

He further explained that deterrence should be established not through proportional responses but through unequivocal actions that ensure the adversary comprehends the severe consequences of any further aggression.

In his strategic outline, Bolton suggested a series of potential targets in Iran, starting with the annihilation of Iran’s air defense capabilities, followed by strikes on the military and Revolutionary Guard headquarters.

He also mentioned the viability of targeting Iran’s oil infrastructure to cripple its economy. Crucially, Bolton advocated for the destruction of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, which viewed it as a paramount threat to Israel’s existence.

Former National Security Adviser expressed severe disappointment in reports suggesting Biden advised Israel against any form of retaliation, which considered such guidance detrimental to U.S. interests.

He underscored the importance of addressing Iran’s actions, given its significant threat to regional and global peace.

Amid discussions on how Israel should respond, Bolton disapproved of the efficacy of diplomacy, referencing Hamas’s recent rejection of a cease-fire proposal.

He relayed concerns from Israel about the fate of hostages, hinting at the possibility of a deception strategy by Hamas to strain diplomatic efforts.

Lastly, Bolton argued for a decisive response to Iran’s aggression and criticized any calls for restraint or exclusive reliance on diplomacy as ineffective and contrary to safeguarding Israel’s and regional security.

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